Colin Furze builds giant Arse and farts in France' general Direction

Fart@France-Building/Testing the BIGGEST valveless pulsejet ever made

On the 24th of july at around 6-7pm i will take this jet down to dover and see in the french can hear it. There are reports that in the war people could hear artiliry fire from northern france but will the french hear this. Its loud its very loud and glows like the sun so next after this is a giant bum to point it through.

Fart@France-Building a MASSIVE BUTT

This is the construction of the 16ft tall metal ass that does look like an ass which suprised me as my scultpure skills in the past have been terrible. The song Fart at the French is free to download for a week from this link.

Fart@France - The Result

So did they hear our FART IN FRANCE… Well 2 people say they did but we don't have any concrete evidence.