Bunch O Balloons: Multiwasserbombenfüllungsvorrichtung

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Eine Gartenschlauchmultiwasserbombenbefüllungsvorrichtung. Count me in.

It is time to bring your water balloon fights to the next level with Bunch O Balloons - the hose attachment with 37 pre-connected balloons that automatically fill and tie themselves! This system makes it easy for kids of all ages to prepare 100 water balloons in just ONE minute, giving you enough water balloon ammo for any battle.

Forget the trials of filling and tying countless individual balloons, Bunch O Balloons takes all the hassle of preparing for a water fight and lets you just enjoy the fun! Simply secure the pre-packaged attachment to a hose and you’ll have 100 water balloons ready to use in one minute.

Kickstarter: Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute (via Ronny)

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Großartiger Jeff Koons-Remix von Seb Whatshisname, ein Ballon-kackender Ballon-Hund aus Fiberglas. (via Spankystokes)