Lego Lettering

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Schönes Ding von Frau Alice Lee: Lego Lettering aus 7600 Bricks. (via Waxy)

Hacking Lego

  1. Preventatively bandage your fingertips because after your 7000th Lego motion they will seriously hurt.
  2. Don’t forget about stuff like: transportation (once you stick 7000 Legos onto a board it will be a lot heavier than when you started) and mounting (you don’t want all your Lego pieces to fall off after your hard work!).
  3. Having a blueprint was key. For those who don’t have access to bigger printers, you can just grid your design up as you would by baseplates and then print out each individual grid. That may end up being less cumbersome to reference when building, anyway.
  4. I’d recommend looking into third party vendors to see if you can get a local bulk discount on ordering bricks and stuff - and definitely get one of these things.

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„Brick Burger is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by The Lego Group.“

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