Behind the Scenes of The Flintstones

Die Life-Mag Photo Collection hat über 800 Bilder aus den Hanna-Barbara Studios während der Produktion der Flintstones, eine annotierte Auswahl findet man bei Cartoon Brew:

In November 1960, LIFE magazine published an article about the breakout success of Hanna-Barbera’s seminal primetime animated series The Flintstones. The piece featured three photos of the studio, but what they didn’t publish is even more amazing. Photographer Allan Grant took 850 photographs for the magazine assignment, documenting every part of the studio’s operations. Remarkably, all of those photos are now available to view online in the LIFE Photo Collection.

Grant chose about twenty scenes to document, so there are dozens of slightly-varied photos of the same people and scenarios. Nevertheless, the images offer a revealing look at Hanna-Barbera just before it became the largest animation outfit in the world.

Cartoon Brew: 15 Unpublished Photos of Hanna-Barbera Making ‘The Flintstones’