Marx' Das Kapital sold for 40k

AbeBooks hat eine Erstausgabe von Marx' Das Kapital für 40.000 Euro an einen Sammler verkauft:

On Thursday, the day that the Dow Jones index closed at an all-time high of 17,068 points, sold a first edition of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital for $40,000. Published in 1867 by Otto Meissner with German text, this copy of Das Kapital was the only one published in Marx’s lifetime (he died in 1883). The book is housed in a slipcover with cloth wrapping.

Der Guardian über die Ironie von Karl Marx' Kapitalismuskritik in Das Kapital als Kapitalanlage:

investment in fetish-vessels of cash in the form of fine art, memorabilia, and antiques is very often the resort of rich capitalists anxious about falling markets. If equities are zooming up, rich folks generally leave their money "working for them".

We have come a long way from precious, unique artefacts. [AbeBook-Owner] Amazon's approximately 10% take of the sale, plus an unfathomably high handling charge, make this first edition of Das Kapital into a digital exchange-value counter in the demented e-economy. Pulsing through a distant server somewhere, Marx is giving Jeff Bezos's swelling empire an infinitesimal fillip, a little ouija tap from the spectre of communism.

Guardian: A volume of Das Kapital becomes a $40,000 commodity fetish: what would Karl Marx have said? (Image via Shutterstock)

AbeBooks: Copy of Das Kapital sells for $40k just as Dow Jones hits record high