Giant Hole appears at The End Of The World

In Yamal – übersetzt „Das Ende der Welt“ – im Norden Sibiriens hat sich ein riesiges Sinkloch aufgetan. Entweder hat sich da jetzt die Hölle geöffnet oder der Arsch der Welt bekam einen neuen Anus. Vielleicht liegt es aber auch einfach nur an der Explosion vom durch Klimawandel aufgeweichten Permafrost-Boden, unter dem zehntausend Jahre Gas eingefroren war, wer weiß das schon.

Researchers are to investigate a giant hole that has appeared in one of Russia's most isolated northernmost regions, state television reported. It was unclear what had caused the crater, about 100 metres in diameter. It was filmed from the air in Yamal – which means "the end of the Earth" in the local Nenets language – where temperatures plummet to -50C and the sun barely rises in winter. […]

Anna Kurchatova from Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre thinks the crater was formed by a water, salt and gas mixture igniting an underground explosion, the result of global warming. She postulates that gas accumulated in ice mixed with sand beneath the surface, and that this was mixed with salt - some 10,000 years ago this area was a sea.

Global warming, causing an 'alarming' melt in the permafrost, released gas causing an effect like the popping of a Champagne bottle cork, she suggests.

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