Nord-Koreas diplomatische Falschpark-Schulden

Nord Koreas Botschaft in London hat knapp 200.000 Pfund (rund 248k Euro) an Falschpark-Schulden angesammelt. Die amerikanische hat sensationelle 8 Millionen Pfund angehäuft.

In a written statement, Mark Simmonds, parliamentary under-secretary of state for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, reported that the DPRK Embassy in London has built up debts of up debts of £194,565 since 2003 for failing to pay the city's congestion charge. It also owes £10,320 in parking fines from 2013 alone.

While North Korea’s congestion charge fines paled in comparison with the United States embassy – ranked the worst offender with almost £8million in unpaid fines for parking offences in 2013 – their unpaid parking fines were surprisingly high given the small size of their embassy, which is based out of a semi-detached house in Ealing.

Guardian: North Korean embassy in London racks up £200,000 parking fines