Every Star in the Disney Universe on a giant Print

Marianne Hanoun von der Kingston Uni in London hat jeden Stern aus den Himmeln in den Background Paintings aller Disney Filme ausgeschnitten und in eine 5 Meter breite Montage des Disney Universums gefummelt. Hier kann man sich das als Map anschauen, hier das Tumblelog dazu.

I decided to ‘Wish Upon A Star’ — all of them. I became a star-catcher, collecting every star from every Disney and Pixar animated classic feature-length film. For the first time ever, stars from ‘Pinocchio’ (1940) through to ‘Frozen’ (2013) have been brought together to create The Disney Universe.

A celebration of Disney's history and legacy, it not only marks key moments in Disney’s history—such as their merging with Pixar—but also brings to the forefront the beauty and skill of the background artists who originally painted each star.

The Disney Universe (via Creative Review)