Kids-Metalband has a 1,7 Mio. Dollar Record-Deal

Ihr erinnert Euch an Unlocking The Truth, die Metalband von drei schwarzen Kids aus Brooklyn? Die sind heute so 13 Jahre alt und haben bei einem Majorlabel unterschrieben und der Deal ist im besten Fall 1,7 Millionen Dollar wert. Go, Kids! \m/

[The Label] has picked up the hardcore teens (and tween) for a guaranteed two-album deal with the option for four more. The deal secures $60,000 up-front for the boys on their first LP, with a possible $350,000 advance on their second. What’s more, if Sony goes all the way with the six-record contract, the band could net upwards of $1.7 million(!!). Because of the members’ ages, the contract had to be approved in the Manhattan Supreme Court, which it was.

8th grade metal band lands $1.7 million record contract

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