Hamas Pizza Hackers and the Israeli Racist Selfies

Idiots 1: Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens:

A simple search of Twitter for the string ARAVIM, which means "Arabs" in Hebrew, produces a long list of messages by young Jewish Israelis calling to ethnically cleanse the country.

Idiots 2: Hamas Hackers Take Over Israeli Domino’s Pizza Facebook Page, Hilarity Ensues:

The hackers put up statuses such as 'Today will strike deep in Israel, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Ashdod more than 2000 rockets. We’ll start at 7. Counting back towards the end of Israel … Be warned!'

Responses included “Hey, please reserve a missile for me with jalapenos, green olives, extra cheese, and mushrooms. You have my address. Tell the delivery boy to activate the alarm when it is arriving, so I know to put my pants on.

These Kids are not alright.