Life-Size „working“ Papercraft Guillotine

Nette Spielerei für eine Ausstellung in Amsterdam: Eine „funktionierende“ Guillotine aus Papier mit eingebauter GIF-Kamera. Unbedingt auch die Galerie der rollenden Köpfe ansehen. Nice!

Paper Cuts is an interactive paper sculpture that invites people to experience the world’s most recognizable instrument of death, head first. However, unlike its deadly ancestor, this blade offers nothing more final than a paper cut.

This experience brings a new twist to this infamous apparatus while arousing people’s natural fascination for the macabre. It will transform a powerful and oppressive symbol of death into a thing of beauty. Delicate, inviting and something people may even line up for. Voluntarily this time.

Every time the paper blade falls a camera will be triggered to capture the expression of those who have put their neck on the line for an art experience like no other. Each fearful facial expression, forever immortalized on the as a sharable Gif.

Paper Cuts – An interactive paper sculpture you experience head first (via MeFi)