Warner copyright-censors Greenpeace' Lego-Campaign

Greenpeace hatte eine nette Kampagne gegen Shell und ihre Ölbohrpläne in der Arktis gefahren, drei Millionen Menschen hatten das Video bis vor ein paar Stunden gesehen – jetzt hat Warner das Teil zensieren lassen, wahrscheinlich wegen der Verwendung eines Covers des Lego-Movie-Titeltracks Everything Is Awesome. Streisand in 3… 2… 1…

“Our film was designed as a creative way of letting people know about the threat to the Arctic from Shell and the role LEGO has in the story. It seems to have struck a nerve with some important corporate bigwigs, but this crude attempt to silence dissent won’t work,” Greenpeace’s Ian Duff says. […]

“We fully intend to challenge this claim, and we’re asking supporters to upload the video wherever they can,” Duff says. In the appeal Greenpeace will argue that the video uses satire and parody and that it is in the public interest. The video should therefore be protected under the right to free speech. […]

Warner Bros’ motivation for the takedown remains unclear. It seems unlikely that it is an automated request since there are still more than 700 video on YouTube that use the same ‘Everything is Awesome’ song. Whatever the reason may be, the takedown attempt will clearly backfire.