Retina-Display und 4k-Monitore, eh? Wissenschaftler haben Nano-Pixel entwickelt in einer Größe von 300x300nm, davon passen in das kleinste 11Inch-Macbook Air circa: 257mm x 145mm, 1mm = 1000000nm --> 257.000.000nm x 145.000.000nm / 300 sind das grob 90.000x30.000 Pixel bei 11x7 Inches, dann kommt man auf grobe 35.000.000ppi Auflösung. Stattlich.

The research suggests that flexible paper-thin displays based on the technology could have the capacity to switch between a power-saving 'colour e-reader mode', and a backlit display capable of showing video. Such displays could be created using cheap materials and, because they would be solid-state, promise to be reliable and easy to manufacture. The tiny 'nano-pixels' make it ideal for applications, such as smart glasses, where an image would be projected at a larger size as, even enlarged, they would offer very high-resolution.

University Oxford: 'Nano-pixels' promise thin, flexible high-res displays (via Gizmo)