Coral-Reef Slit Scans

Nathaniel Stern bindet sich gehackte Scanner um den Bauch, latscht damit durch die Getreide und macht Slit Scan-Aufnahmen. Das alleine wäre schon super genug, aber jetzt hat der damit auch noch experimentelle Unterwasser-Fotos und Slitscans von Korallenriffen gemacht. Großartig!

In my ongoing series of “Compressionism” prints, I strap a desktop scanner, computing device and custom battery pack to my body, and perform images into existence. I might scan in straight, long lines across tables, tie the scanner around my neck and swing over flowers, do pogo-like gestures over bricks, or just follow the wind over water lilies in a pond. The dynamism between my body, technology, and the landscape is transformed into beautiful and quirky renderings, which are then produced as archival artworks.

For Rippling Images, I worked with a team to produce a marine-rated scanner rig, including custom hard- and software, and performed a new series of digital works while scuba diving on a live coral reef off the coast of Key Largo in Florida.

Rippling Images