Yo!-App Missile Warning for Israel

Yo kann jetzt auch Bombenalarm für Israel und schickt ein Yo! bei jeder Rakete der Hamas. Im Gaza-Streifen verlassen sie sich „nur“ auf das Hashtag #airstrike. Oldschool. Vielleicht bastelt ja jemand ein Invasions-Yo für die Palästinenser, just saying.

yobombIn an effort to get the information about what is going on in Israel to even more people, said Sprung, he and Snir have teamed up with the people at Yo!, the “joke app” that made headlines a few weeks ago when it raised a million dollars from investors. In an example of how “socially redeeming” Yo! can be, users of the app who subscribe to updates from Red Alert: Israel will get a “Yo!” every time a warning is sounded anywhere in Israel, said Sprung. […]

The app sends out its warning at the same time the military’s Homefront Command issues an order to activate the warning system, said Sprung. The app gets its information from the IDF and the Homefront Command, he added, but declined to discuss the process by which the data gets into the app. “It’s classified,” Sprung half-joked.

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