Drone over New York Library Books Sorting Machine

Großartiger Clip aus der riesigen Buch-Sortier-Maschine der New York Public Library. So gehen Drohnen-Videos: Schön-kantiger Schnitt, interessante Einstellungen, mit handillustrierten Dingsbums aufgesext und am wichtigsten: Mit knallendem Garage-Punk-Soundtrack. Toll!

When someone orders a book, dvd, etc at one of the 150 branches of the NY Public Library or Brooklyn Public Library, it might have to come from another branch. For maximum efficiency, all those books or other items are sent to this big machine with lasers that scan the books and route them to the right branch.
The amazing titles were by illustrator Matt Huynh/ hire him he is my hero. Music is The Stick by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists.

Vimeo: Flying Around Book Ops (via Gizmo)