Terry Gilliams Zero Theorem – Neuer Trailer

Neuer Trailer zu Terry Gilliams Zero Theorem mit Christoph Waltz, Melanie Thierry und Tilda Swinton. Auf Youtube schreiben sie, es wäre der erste Trailer, es ist aber bereits der zweite. Sieht nach wie vor sehr brazilesque und großartig aus.

Qohen Leth is an eccentric and reclusive computer genius who lives in an Orwellian corporate world and suffers from existential angst. He waits for a phone call explaining the meaning of life. Under the instruction of a shadowy figure known only as “Management”, Qohen works to solve the “Zero Theorem”, a mathematical formula derived from Big Crunch theory.

The fate of the universe as a black hole singularity is purported to show that life has no purpose. Qohen’s work in the burnt-out chapel that serves as his home is interrupted by visits from Bainsley, a seductive woman, and Bob, the teenage son of Management.