Potato Salad as cthulhuian Joke-Machine of Doom

Als ich dann gestern oder so mal wieder ins Netz geschaut habe, dachte ich mir nur: Kartoffelsalat? Really? The Awl hat das einzige Posting, das man über Kartoffelsalat lesen muss und dort nochmal aus den Comments: „Every generation gets the million dollar homepage it deserves.“

[Potato Salad] is a transcendence that is out of our control, a villain, an invader, an awakening of The Old Ones, a Dire Event, or at least a Portent. What's funnier than $37,115 for potato salad? $47,115 for potato salad, ha ha. What's funnier than $47,115? $100,000. With every new dollar it feels more urgent to a viewer that he attach his name and his dollars to the thing, which is now obscured entirely by noise—a fee for ensuring that you're in on the joke.

The Potato Salad Kickstarter is the Science Fiction Villain We Deserve