Brain Bleeding thru Headbanging to Motörhead

Vor 6 Jahren gab's schonmal eine Studie über die neurologischen Folgeschäden durch Headbanging, jetzt ist ein Mann in Hannover mit Hirnblutungen in eine Klinik eingeliefert worden, weil er zu heftig auf einem Motörhead-Konzert abging. Die Studie trägt den wundervollen Namen Chronic subdural haematoma secondary to headbanging. \m/

Speed heavy metal band Motörhead is so hardcore, headbanging to them could literally make your brain bleed, according to a new case study published today in The Lancet.

The unsurprising findings (whipping your skull to and fro for hours on end might not be good for you) from the surprisingly entertaining study, detailed the case of an anonymous 50-year-old man who came into Germany’s Hannover Medical School with complaints of a two-week constant headache. A CT scan showed the man suffered from bleeding—medically known as chronic subdural haematoma—on the right side of his brain.

Doctors Say Motörhead Is So Hardcore, They Could Make Your Brain Bleed (via Gawker)