Im Oktober wurde per Crowdfunding eine Klage gegen den britischen Geheimdienst finanziert, jetzt ist es soweit: Verschiedene ISPs (und der CCC) verklagen den GCHQ wegen illegalen Abschnorchelns von… Allem. Go, go, go!

The ISPs claim that alleged network attacks, outlined in a series of articles in Der Spiegel and the Intercept, were illegal and "undermine the goodwill the organisations rely on".

The allegations that the legal actions are based on include:

- claims that employees of Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom were targeted by GCHQ and infected with malware to gain access to network infrastructure

- GCHQ and the US National Security Agency, where Mr Snowden worked, had a range of network exploitation and intrusion capabilities, including a "man-on-the-side" technique that covertly injects data into existing data streams to create connections that will enable the targeted infection of users

- the intelligence agencies used an automated system, codenamed Turbine, that allowed them to scale up network implants

- German internet exchange points were targeted, allowing agencies to spy on all internet traffic coming through those nodes

BBC: ISPs take legal action against GCHQ

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