Granny buys House full of Vintage Arcade Machines

Die Omi von Redditor keisuke999s Freundin hat sich ein Haus in Chiba gekauft und darin nicht weniger als 55 alte Arcade Maschinen aus den 80ern gefunden.

In total there are 55 arcade cabinets, most of which are the upright Aero Cities cabinets, but it’s the game boards that they contain that’s the most exciting discovery. The list of game includes the following:

- Columns
- Donkey Kong
- Galaxian
- Magical Tetris Challenge
- Metal Slug X
- Pengo
- Raiden 2
- Super Puzzle Fighters 2 X
- Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition
- Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Zero 2)
- Street Fighter EX 2 Grandmother buys old building in Japan, finds 55 classic arcade cabinets (via /.)

Imgur: Girlfriend's Grandma's Game Center

Arcade Otaku: Grandma's Girlfriend's Game Center-