Data Cuisine

Data Cuisine: Rezepte als… – Wie nennt man das? Eine Visualisierung von Daten ist es nicht… Kulinarisierung? Ja, Kulinarisierung, jedenfalls: – Rezepte als Kulinarisierung von Daten. Und zwar nicht auf die billige „Oh look, Infographics made from Vegetables“-Art, sondern die Daten fließen direkt in die Zubereitung der Speisen ein. Das Teil rechts nennt sich zum Beispiel Criminal herring in fur coat: „Each layer represents one type of crime“. Die Törtchen oben heißen „Requiem for Science“ und bilden die Kürzungen des Wissenschafts-Budgets in Spanien ab:

This fascinating dish provides a multi-layered representation of a simple, but striking statistic: science funding in Spain was cut by a staggering 34% over the last few years.

Antonija Kuzmanic decided to represent this huge drop in funding with two almond cakes (Tortas de Santiago) — based on the same recipe, but prepared differently. The first one was made applying “scientific” techniques (foaming the dough with a siphon and microwaving it for 45 seconds), representing the situation before the cuts, while the second cake represents today.

It was baked in the traditional way without advanced techniques, and turned out considerably drier and denser. In addition, the amount of sugar used in the cakes is proportional to the different amounts of funding in science, resulting in a much less enjoyable experience for the “non-science” cake.

Data Cuisine (via C77)