Associated Press goes Robot-Journalism

Neuer Meilenstein für Robot-Journalism: Associated Press stellt seine Berichterstattung über Quartalsergebnisse nahezu komplett auf algorithmisch generierten Journalismus um. Wundert mich ein bisschen, warum die solche völlig formalisierten Meldungen überhaupt noch von Bio-Journalisten schreiben ließen, denn Algo-Reporter sind nun echt nix neues mehr und werden schon lange überall eingesetzt. Die Umstellung eines kompletten Segments ist dann allerdings doch nochmal ein größerer Schritt.

In an announcement on its blog, the AP announced that it will be moving toward full automation of 150- to 300-word earnings reports. The system, to be rolled out next month, will work by pumping data from Zacks Investment Research into Automated Insights, a firm that specializes in computer-generated prose. Naturally, the reports will still conform to AP style, the system of grammar and word choice that is standard in much of American journalism.

There are obvious benefits to having robots write earnings reports. For one, it facilitates a massive increase in the volume of content. The AP hopes to ramp up from providing 300 manual reports each quarter now to as many as 4,400 with the new system. An automated system also frees up reporters to work on more creative efforts, including analyzing the reports and writing stories based on them.

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