Bobby Womack R.I.P.

Soul-Legende Bobby Womack ist im Alter von nur 70 Jahren gestorben. Der Mann hat mit den Stones und den Gorillaz und Sam Cooke zusammengearbeitet, mit Across 110th Street den vielleicht besten aller Blaxploitation-Soundtracks geschrieben (kongenial von Tarantino in Jackie Brown eingesetzt). 2012 erschien sein letztes, von Damon Albarn produziertes Album The Bravest Man in the Universe. R.I.P. Bobby.

Bobby Womack & Damon Albarn – The Bravest Man Sessions

Bobby Womack, who has died aged 70, was one of the great soul singers, who, in a professional career that lasted nearly six decades, worked closely with leading musicians ranging from Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett and Sly Stone to Damon Albarn and Gorillaz.

Yet for many years, he was better known as a songwriter and session musician. The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, George Benson and Chaka Khan were among the many who recorded his songs and his funky guitar flourishes can be heard on records by Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin. But he will be primarily remembered for his voice, a rugged and emotive baritone holler that came straight from the gospel church.

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