High End Augmented Reality-Glasses with Face-Recognition

Das US-Militär schafft sich Augmented Reality-Brillen an, mit Augmented Reality-Maps und Infos zu Umgebung in Echtzeit und einem Face Recognition-Feature, das Infos über Deine Mudder aus Biometrie-Datenbanken darstellt. Die nennen das in Neusprech „dynamic environment of non-cooperative facial recognition“. Nochmal: „non-cooperative facial recognition“. Gruselig.

The glasses, called simply the X6, are from San Francisco-based Osterhout Design Group. They look like the lovechild of Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, providing more information to the wearer than the small window on Google’s much-maligned headset but not obstructing vision like the Oculus Rift. […]

Peering through the glasses at a poster of faces while wearing the X6, a tester using the Imagus facial recognition app sees a pair of small circles appear on the eyes of the various targets and then a quick match showed up in the view as demonstrated in a somewhat unnerving video from General Dynamics Information Technology, GDIT, highlights the “dynamic environment of non-cooperative facial recognition.”

The Imagus app can match a face in real time to one in a database at a resolution of just twelve pixels between the eyes according to lead software engineer Steve Brain. (Anything under sixty is considered very good in the facial recognition world.) The size of the headset seems to help with targeting the camera to improve speed and accuracy. The glasses could be modified to connect to a military biometrics databases such as BEWL, King confirmed.

The Military Is About to Get New Spy Glasses (via /.)