1950s UFO-Convention in a Underground Rock-House

26.06.2014 Misc #UFOs #Vintage

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Messynessy Chic hat die irre Story einer alten Wohnung in 'nem Bunker unter einem gigantischen Stein in der Wüste von Kalifornien, in dem sich mal ein deutscher Einwanderer selbst in die Luft gejagt hat und in dem jemand dann in den 50ern eine der größten UFO-Conventions auf die Beine gestellt hat, die Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention.

1942, during a showdown with police who came to investigate rumours that [Frank Critzer] was in fact a Nazi spy, Frank died from a self-detonated dynamite explosion in his own bunker. Locals had reported strange behaviour, several incidents of Frank threatening trespassers with a shotgun and suspicion that he was a spy because of his radio antenna. It turns out, he was just a radio enthusiast who wanted to be left alone in the desert.

After his death, Frank’s only friend, a former aircraft inspector named George Van Tassel, became the giant rock’s new tenant in 1947. […] In a few short years, George went from living a simple existence with his family in the rooms Frank Critzer had dug out under the Giant Rock, to building his own restaurant on the site, a small airstrip, and an extra-terrestrial research centre which would play host to his annual Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention, attracting more than 11,000 people at its peak.

The 1950s Flying Saucer Conventions at an Underground Rock House