DIY Cardboard VR

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Vor fast genau einem Jahr hatte Stefan Welker aus Bonn eine VR-Brille mit Android-Handy und 3D-gedrucktem Gehäuse entwickelt. Ich weiß jetzt nicht, ob Google sich die Idee für ihr Projekt Cardboard davon abgeschaut hat, immerhin braucht man dazu statt einem 3D-Printer nur einen Pizza-Karton:

Virtual reality has made exciting progress over the past several years. However, developing for VR still requires expensive, specialized hardware. Thinking about how to make VR accessible to more people, a group of VR enthusiasts at Google experimented with using a smartphone to drive VR experiences.

The result is Cardboard, a no-frills enclosure that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset, and the accompanying open software toolkit that makes writing VR software as simple as building a web or mobile app.

By making it easy and inexpensive to experiment with VR, we hope to encourage developers to build the next generation of immersive digital experiences and make them available to everyone. […]

Can I use a pizza box for the cardboard? Yes. Make sure you order an extra large.

Von Road To VR:

In addition to the Cardboard kit, Google has simple plans for anyone to construct their own DIY Cardboard VR smartphone adapter. The company has launched an Android app which includes several experiences to inspire developers to create content using their newly released VR Toolkit. The Cardboard app includes the following demos:

- Earth: Fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth.
- Tour Guide: Visit Versailles with a local guide.
- YouTube: Watch popular YouTube videos on a massive screen.
- Exhibit: Examine cultural artifacts from every angle.
- Photo Sphere: Look around the photo spheres you’ve captured.
- Street Vue: Drive through Paris on a summer day.
- Windy Day: Follow the story (and the hat) in this interactive animated short from Spotlight Stories.

Google Reveals ‘Cardboard’, a low-cost VR Smartphone Adapter and VR Toolkit SDK (Bild oben via +ChristianPlagemann)

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