Teaching „Fuck“ in Japan (正しいFuckの使い方)

Chris Broad lebt in Japan, hat sich dort ein paar Ausgaben des Buchs How to Use Fuck Correctly: 99 Phrases Using Fuck, Shit, Damn, and Hell that Schools Won’t Teach You that Should be Used with Care gekauft und bringt den Leuten dort nun bei, wie man formvollendet rumflucht. Fucking Prick.

Whilst most Japanese people are aware of English swear words and want to know more, they're not quite sure on how they're used and the role they play.

Therefore, when I recently heard of a book here in Japan called "Tadashii fuck no tsukaikata" which literally translates, "The Correct Way to Use Fuck", I promptly spent all of my pocket money on as many copies as I could afford and went off to educate the people of Japan on swear words.

Mehr Scans und Reviews zu dem Buch gibt's hier und da und dort.

Youtube: Teaching 'Fuck' in Japan (正しいFuckの使い方 (via Boing Boing)