Jennifer Lyn Morone, Inc.: Extreme Capitalism Art

Faszinierende Konzeptkunst von Jennifer Lyn Morone, die ihre Identität firmiert hat und sich als juristische Person quasi verdoppelte und dabei mit anderen und sogar mit noch mehr Rechten ausgestattet ist, als die natürliche Original-Jenny. Nennt sie Extreme Capitalism. Sehr schönes Spiel mit Wirtschaft, Quantified Self, Überwachung, Privacy-Debatte und Kapitalismuskritik. Find' ich super.

JLM Inc is a new business, established to determine the value of an individual. The corporation derives value from three sources and legally protects and bestows rights upon the total output of Jennifer Lyn Morone:

1. Past experiences and present capabilities. These are offered as biological, physical and mental services such as genes, labour, creativity, blood, sweat and tears.
2. Selling future potential in the form of shares.
3. Accumulation, categorisation and evaluation of data that is generated as a result of Jennifer Lyn Morone's life.

Regine von We Make Money Not Art hat ein Interview:

Now that I have incorporated myself, I have legally created another person with my name in the eyes of the law. In the USA my corporate self now has not only the same but even more rights and benefits than I do as an individual. My corporate self takes on any responsibility and I am not liable for its actions or debt, only my initial investments. This is why we see companies able to go bankrupt, get bailouts or get away with ruthlessness without anyone being charged or responsible for what happens.

Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc, the girl who became a corporation