Boyhood Photoseries

David Marchese im NYTimes Magazine über Richard Linklaters Filmwunder Boyhood, inklusive Fotoserie.

“Time is actually the lead character in the film,” Linklater says. Time, and Coltrane, of course. “There’s this amazing emergence,” Linklater says, “where you start to sense Mason getting his own angle on the world. How a person becomes a unique individual is such a complex thing, and it proves what an amazing actor Ellar is that he was able to convey those subtle changes.” […]

“Boyhood” functions as a de facto time capsule — you could chart the cultural shifts of the past 12 years by the way Mason’s video-gaming preferences progress from Game Boy Advance to Wii or how the soundtrack moves from Coldplay’s earnest 2000 guitar ballad “Yellow” to Daft Punk’s earnest-in-a-different-way 2013 dance hit “Get Lucky” — but the film is not a documentary. “I do want people to think what they’re seeing on screen is real,” Linklater says. “But this is solely fiction. The whole thing is a narrative construct.”

12 Years A Boy