Vintage X-Ray-Vinyl from Russia

Über die X-Ray-Vinyls aus Russland hatte ich schonmal vor drei Jahren gebloggt, jetzt geht eine Galerie von József Hajdú rum, der die Story hinter den Platten erzählt und der offensichtlich eine kleine Sammlung der Dinger besitzt. Junk Culture hat ein paar der Bilder in Mid-Res. Nice!

From the late thirties, discarded x-rays were re-utilized by talented amateurs and the Hungarian Radio as raw material for recording sound due to shortages caused by the war industry. With the help of a special device, music and public addresses were recorded on thick radiographs and then cut into discs of 23-25 centimeters in diameter, sometimes with uneven brims, given a label and a whole in the middle. This disk now had the double function of being both sound record as well as record of the internal human body; images of ribs, skulls and limbs broken by sound waves and shattered by music inscribed onto the surface.

On the x-ray of a skull, for instance, the song of Anna Kapitány ”What A Nice Evening We Have” can be heard, and together the song and the image could create a undeniably morbid association.

X-Ray Records by József HAJDÚ (via Ronny)

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Vintage X-Ray Vinyl from Russia