NSA gamified XKeyscore

Die NSA hat in ihren XKeyscore-Tool zur illegalen Bespitzelung der Weltbevölkerung anscheinend Gamification-Features eingebaut und die Sicherheitsextremisten sammeln wohl Skillpoints, wenn sie die eMails Deiner Mudder lesen. Bastards.

With the brainchild of Skilz, where analysts can earn points and unlock achievements for performing tasks in XKS, people are willing to try new things within the tool. Analysts think to themselves, "Using the Prvot Data feature will earn 30 points... I'm going to try it and see what happens." Discovery! Points! We have been lured by our geeky desire to unlock achievements and earn points, and bragging rights are everything.

"Definitely a number of users have gotten into the Skilz points. We have several people at level six. They see what they need to do to earn more points and start trying out different things," said [REDACTED]

How The NSA Gamified Spying On Everyone With 'Skilz' Points For NSA Analysts