Hunger King: Serving Fast Food-Money for the Homeless

Schicke Aktion des finnischen Künstlers Jani Leinonen in Budapest, wo sie neulich besonders menschenfeindliche Gesetze gegen Obdachlose erlassen haben. Für Hunger King haben sie ein „Fast Food-Restaurant“ eingerichtet mit zwei Schlangen, eine für Reiche, eine für Arme. Die Wohlhabenden bekommen Kunst, Obdachlose bekommen 3400 Forint, der Mindestlohn in Ungarn pro Tag. Ich liebe die Kapitalismus-Cola!

For the next three weeks, people in need can queue for six hours to receive 3,400 forints (around £9) in a burger box for their trouble, the same amount they would have made by working for the minimum wage. Meanwhile the self-proclaimed rich can skip the queue and proceed up the red carpet to buy cardboard burgers for 600,000 forints (£1,560).

The pop-up gallery show is a response to a recent law that allows Hungarian councils to ban homeless people from sleeping in public areas. Jani Leinonen, the Finnish artist behind the project, explains that Hungary's homeless population can now "be fined for being out on the streets, and sent to jail for not paying three fines: it's basically the criminalisation of homelessness".

Guardian: Hunger King: the artwork highlighting the plight of Hungary's homeless (via Rebel Art)