Giant Moth Invasion in Singapore

Hey Moths, whassup?

Swarms of giant moths have descended on Malaysia, invading homes and even disrupting a national football match. Thousands of the furry insects, with a wing span of up to 16cm (6in), interrupted a semi-finals match at the Darul Makmur Stadium last week. Over 800 sightings were also reported in neighbouring Singapore last month, sparking intense online debate.

The Lyssa Zampa tropical moth, which is also known as the Laos brown butterfly, is native to South East Asia. Biology lecturer N Sivasothi said that while the moth sightings appear to be "unprecedented", it is not a new phenomenon. "The moths are actually present during other times of the year but in very small numbers, so they are usually not noticed by people," Mr Sivasothi said, adding that the creatures typically emerge between April and August every year.

BBC: Malaysia swarmed by giant moths