Clickbait PhD

Clickbait Dissertations: Wie LOL My Thesis, nur mit Clickbait: „My dream is one day, some poor soul will click on an Upworthy link, and end up downloading a 300 page dissertation on the history of sequins.“

- They were just taking a test, but how these students were assessed may have really f*cked them up (p < 0.1) Actual title: Performance Goal Practices: Characteristics of Teacher Usage and Implications for Social Relationships in Elementary School Classrooms - Before you occupy that park, read this and tell me your mind isn’t blown. Actual title: The Gezi Park Protests: a change towards modern democracy or a fuelled backlash leading to a more rapid “Islamification” of Turkey? Exploring the effect of the protests on Turkey’s domestic and global position in a social, economic and political context. - H-Bomb designer told us to look for signals from distant galaxies. Why we can’t see them is out of this world. Actual title: The population of submillimeter galaxies and its impact on the detection of the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect

Clickbait Dissertations