Plastic made from Ketchup

Plastik aus Ketchup-Marginalien. Kann man sicher als total gute Metapher auf den Zustand der Welt interpretieren, allein: Ich bin dafür zu faul grade.

In a joint announcement Tuesday, [Ketchup Dudes and Car Dudes] declared that they will be partnering up to see whether tomatoes can be repurposed to make car parts.

[Ketchup Dude] ends up with a large number of byproducts while using more than two million tons of tomatoes annually to make ketchup and the hope is that the skins, peels, stems and seeds can be recycled to make a plant-based plastic.

UPI: Odd Couple: [Ketchup Dude] and [Car Dude] partnering up to research turning tomato fibers into auto parts