Secret Service gets a Sarcasm Detector

Der BND möchte also gerne Social Media in Echtzeit überwachen, während dessen lacht der Secret Service mal kurz und stellt seine neue Social Media-Monitoring-Software vor, mit Sarkasmus-Detektor, Emotions-Analyse, Heat-Maps, Influencer-Identifizierung und – gruselig – „Functionality to send notifications to users“. Außerdem: „Compatibility with Internet Explorer 8“.

Nextgov came across a fascinating new software the Secret Service will be deploying: a sarcasm detector. The software can actually detect much more than that: it is meant to investigate a number of emotions, by examining social media. The Secret Service is software that will watch social media users in real time, collecting everything from "emotions of Internet users to old Twitter messages."

Secret Service officials have said the software will "synthesize large sets of social media data" and "identify statistical pattern analysis." The sarcasm watcher will help detect "false positives," presumably separating real threats from bad jokes. It also has the ability to send notifications to users, but considering it's the Secret Service, we wouldn't expect (or want) to see a DM from them anytime soon.

Secret Service Has New Software that Detects Sarcasm on the Internet (Bild via Shutterstock)