Hong Kong remembers Tiananmen

Guardian: Hong Kong commemorates Tiananmen Square anniversary - in pictures

Nach dem Klick ein paar der Artikel, die ich in den letzten Tagen zum 25. Jahrestag des Massakers am Platz des Himmlischen Friedens gelesen habe:

NYTimes: Times Coverage of Tiananmen Square 25 Years Ago - NYTimes.com: „Times Coverage of Tiananmen Square 25 Years Ago“

The Atlantics In Focus: Tiananmen Square, 25 Years Ago: „Twenty-five years ago today, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) violently cleared Beijing's Tiananmen Square of protesters, ending a six-week demonstration that had called for democracy and widespread political reform. The protests began in April of 1989, gaining support as initial government reactions included concessions. Martial law was declared on May 20, troops were mobilized, and from the night of June 3 through the early morning of June 4, the PLA pushed into Tiananmen Square, crushing some protesters and firing on many others. The exact number killed may never be known, but estimates range from several hundred to several thousand. China's censors are blocking Internet access to the terms "six four," "candle," and "never forget," broadening extensive efforts to silence talk about the 25th anniversary of China's bloody June 4 crackdown.“

BBC: BBC News - Miao Deshun: China's last Tiananmen prisoner?: „When the streets were still and the shooting had stopped following the violent showdown between protesters and soldiers in June, 1989, the Chinese government began rounding up people it deemed to be criminals. Many were detained and released, but 1,600 people received formal prison sentences. Now, it's believed that only one person convicted during that era remains behind bars.“

New Yorker: Tiananmen at Twenty-five: 'Victory Over Memory' : The New Yorker: „To prevent any commemoration of the anniversary, the government has, according to Chinese Human Rights Defenders, an activist group, “detained, disappeared or summoned” dozens of lawyers, activists, artists, and journalists. Unlike in past years, this sweep—the largest round of detentions in China since the Arab Spring—has targeted not only attempts at public protests but also memorials in private homes.“

NYTimes: Tales of Army Discord Show Tiananmen Square in a New Light - NYTimes.com: „On a spring evening in 1989, with the student occupation of Tiananmen Square entering its second month and the Chinese leadership unnerved and divided, top army commanders were summoned to headquarters to pledge their support for the use of military force to quash the protests. One refused.“