Oldest Trousers found in China

In einer chinesischen Grabungsstätte haben sie die ältesten Hosen der Welt gefunden, das Teil ist 3000 Jahre alt und – sieht gut aus! Würde ich so anziehen, glaub' ich. Vielleicht 'ne Runde waschen vorher, aber insgesamt finde ich die doch ziemlich hippieesk-schick.

The oldest known trousers in the world have been found in two tombs of the Subeixi culture in northwestern China. The burials are among more than 500 that have been excavated in the Yanghai cemetery near the city of Turfan since the first grave was discovered by local villagers in the 1970s. The cemetery is in a gravel desert, an arid climate that can get as hot as 122°F in the summer and as cold as -20°F in the winter, which ensures the preservation of organic material like human and animal remains, plants and textiles.

Oldest known trousers found in China