Marijuana Coffee

Ich weiß jetzt nicht, ob Kaffee mit Marijuana wirklich viel Sinn ergibt, ich weiß aber, dass mein „Kumpel“ damals von der Kombination aus Uppern und Downern eine ziemliche Matschbirne bekam. Und sowas kann man morgens nicht so richtig gebrauchen, finde ich. Aber hey, wenn's schmeckt!

"The coffee drinks give you an uplifting head high. We call it the wake and bake drink," he says. Stites says the cold brewed cannabis beverage could be a first, and he's experimented for some time to come up with the right combination. Each bottle features about 20mg of THC, which Stites says is intended to be enough to give consumers a pleasant effect without getting them completely blasted.

"We want the experience to be more similar to that if you had a nice IPA or glass of wine. We don't want to pack so much THC into every one of our drinks that it's unpleasant, especially for people that are just getting into marijuana," he says. The coffee-infused drinks will come in plain and with cream and sugar.

Budding marijuana business gives new meaning to 'coffee pot'