Oliver Stone directs The Snowden Files

Nachdem Sony sich bereits die Rechte an Greenwalds neulich erschienenem Buch gekrallt hatte, wird nun Oliver Stone das andere bekanntere Buch über die NSA-Leaks verfilmen: The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man von Luke Harding, Stone arbeitet für den Film anscheinend eng mit dem Guardian zusammen.

"This is one of the greatest stories of our time," Stone, 67, said in a statement. "A real challenge. I'm glad to have the Guardian working with us." Stone's previous films include Platoon, JFK and W. The director has also made documentaries on Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, together with a 2012 TV series, Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. […]

Published earlier this year, The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man charts the political awakening of the twentysomething Snowden, a committed Republican who found his libertarian values increasingly at odds with his government's surveillance programme. A review in the New York Times hailed Harding's book as "a fast-paced, almost novelistic narrative that is part bildungsroman and part cinematic thriller." […]

Conceived as a European co-production, the film is due to start shooting before the end of 2014. But time is of the essence. Stone's film looks set to face competition from No Place to Hide, a rival project adapted from the book by Glenn Greenwald and overseen by James Bond producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

Edward Snowden NSA whistleblowing story to be filmed by Oliver Stone