Resist Comics – Tales from the Gezi Resistance

Can Yalçınkaya finanziert auf Kickstarter grade eine Comic-Anthologie namens Resist Comics über die Gezi-Proteste in der Türkei (Twitter, Facebook). Gute Sache, stellenweise fantastische Artworks, sollte man unterstützen:

The summer of 2013 saw one of the greatest mass uprisings in the history of Turkey. What started out as a small scale environmentalist demonstration became a defiant outcry in the face of an increasingly authoritarian, conservative, neoliberal government. The resistance became associated with creativity and humour of the protesters from early on, as they tackled the violent oppression of the state with a cheerful attitude of subversion. #diren (#resist) became a hashtag mantra in social media and on the streets.

#ResistComics has been inspired by the intelligence of the protesters and the sense of solidarity and collaboration in the air. We wanted to capture the spirit of the resistance in our words and pictures. We wanted to make a political statement without being didactic. We wanted to tell good stories about the resistance in different genres.

#ResistComics anthology contains 96 pages of comics, illustrations, a short story and an article on comics and politics. We would like to entertain, inform and inspire our readers through this anthology.

Kickstarter: #ResistComics - A Comics Anthology by Can Yalçınkaya (via Bleeding Cool)