Jud Turners Surveillance Eye-Cam-Ball

Schöne Arbeit von Jud Turner: Eine (Halb-)Kugel aus drölf Kameras mit Augen. Er verkauft auch Einzelstücke davon, ein Drittel des Erlöses geht an die EFF.

In support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world, Jud Turner is creating a series of 50 original mini-sculptures based on his master work, "Blind Eye Sees All".

Available for $300 USD each, 1/3 ($100) of each sale will be donated to EFF. Each sculpture will be a unique variation of the omnipresent and all seeing "Blind Eye" of government surveillance - a mixed media assemblage wall hanging of approx 6 inches x 6 inches, with a protruding lens/eye. Perfect to hang above your computer or anywhere else you'd like to be reminded that you are never truly alone in this electronic age of "security".

Blind Eye Sees All (No Secrets Anymore) (via Boing Boing)