Ghost In The Shell Titlesequence recreated in Real Life

Großartig: GITS 2501 ist eine kollaborative Neu-Interpretation des Ghost In The Shell-Intros als Foto/Kurzfilm-Projekt, inklusive hübschen Typo-Postern und alles. (via Chris)

A respectful homage to Shirow Masamune’s manga and Mamoru Oshii’s seminal film Ghost in the Shell, this is a modernized direction that still tries to stays true to the original creator’s vision. What started as a photo tribute directed by Ash Thorp and Tim Tadder (photography), soon became a worldwide collaboration of more than 20 artists from around the world, with each and everyone coming together to help breath life into the project, resulting in the artistic interpretation you see [above].

For a film that was a comment on the uber-connected society of the future, Project 2501 ended up being itself an example of how this collaborative group of creatives are so connected ourselves. Many of us never met beyond the communications provided by the vast and infinite net, but still came together to make the ultimate tribute to Ghost in the Shell. Everyone of us wanted the opportunity to pay homage to a ground-breaking film that gave us so much.

Nach dem Klick nochmal das sensationelle Original-Intro, das damals völlig zurecht alle umgehauen hat: