Dude has giant 60 Espresso-Coffee-Shot Icecream-Thing

30.05.2014 Misc #Coffee #Food

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Andrew Chifari hat sich in einem dieser Kaffeehäuser einen Shot aus 60 Espresso, Eiskrem und Schlagsahne gegönnt. Der Mann hat dafür fünf Tage gebraucht, hat 60 Dollar dafür bezahlt und schläft nicht bis circa zum 21. Februar 2017.

It took a Texas man five days to polish off what has been hailed as one of the most expensive drinks produced at Starbucks, a several-thousand calorie frozen concoction that included 60 shots of espresso and was topped with whipped cream. "It was delicious, very strong, very sweet," Andrew Chifari said on Thursday. "After the first day, the ice crystals had melted and it was just good strong iced coffee." […]

Caffeine Informer estimates the drink had 4,500 mg of caffeine, more than 10 times above what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers to be a maximum safe amount for a healthy person to drink on a daily basis. Chifari consumed a third of the drink on the first day and polished off the rest in small intervals. The final caffeine surge on Wednesday caused him to have erratic sleep and vivid dreams.

Texas man still buzzing from 60 espresso shot Starbucks drink