Vintage Star Wars Lianhuanhua from China

Maggie Greene hat vor drei Jahren auf dem Buch-Flohmarkt in Shanghai eine olle Comic-Adaption von Star Wars aufgegabelt, selbstverständlich ist das Teil unlizensiert. Jetzt hat sie den kompletten Scan davon online gestellt, hier die PDFs „broken into 4 Sections“: 星球大战1 星球大战2 星球大战3 星球大战4.

Toll auch: Die eigenen Schwarzmarkt-Interpretationen von Leia (die ein bisschen aussieht wie Sasha Grey mit kürzeren Haaren), den Sandleuten (die in dieser Version verdächtig genau wie der Monkey King aus chinesischer Mythologie aussehen), den Javas und dem Sandcrawler, Boba Fett bereits im ersten Teil und einige Anpassungen des Plots an den chinesischen Markt. Goldmine.

This is a lianhuanhua 連環畫 adaptation of Star Wars which historian Maggie Greene picked up at the infamous Wen Miao 文廟 book market in Shanghai in 2011. She recently posted a complete scan to her blog The Wayward Historian, which Brendan O’Kane OCRed and reposted here. According the copyright (sic) page, this work was published in December, 1980, by Yuebei Press 粵北印刷廠 and distributed by the Guangdong branch of the state-owned Xinhua Bookstore 廣東省新華書店, with editing by Zhou Jinzhuo 周金灼 and illustrations by Song Feideng 宋飛等.

Lianhuanhua, or “linked picture books,” have been around since roughly the turn of the 20th century, when cheap printing technology made it possible for publishers to mass produce high fidelity images and text at low cost, providing a new form of entertainment for growing numbers of literate urbanites.1 As comics historian Paul Gravett described them in a 2008 interview for the Manhua! China Comics Now Exhibition2 (appropriately introducing an unauthorized 1984 lianhuanhua adaption of Hergé’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Blue Lotus ):3

Maggie Greene: A Long Time Ago in a China Far, Far Away – 20 May 2014A 1980 lianhuanhua version of Xingqiu dazhan 星球大战 (Star Wars) (via MeFi)


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