Macaulay Culkins Pizza Underground booed of Stage

Das kommt dabei raus, wenn man so'n halbwegs witziges Spaßprojekt in Nottingham im echten Leben live auf der Bühne aufführen will: Die Leute schmeißen mit vollen Bierflaschen und buhen ehemalige Celebrity-Kinderstars von der Bühne, weil sie eben doch nicht spielen können.

According to the local newspaper report, the booing began after just one song. Full pints of beer were then thrown over the band with Culkin responding for the first time to say: "Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them!" However, his ability to endure the soaking ended shortly afterwards and the band left the stage after just three songs. One fan who didn’t want to be named said: "It just sounds awful. I can’t believe he is doing this. Why bother? It must go down well in America or something."

Macaulay Culkin's The Pizza Underground pelted with beer and booed off stage in Nottingham

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