St. Quentin Newspaper

Superinteressanter Artikel in der NYTimes über die Gefängnis-Zeitung von St. Quentin inklusive hübscher Bilderstrecke der Knasti-Journalisten, die dort ohne Netz und ohne Handy ihre Monatszeitung zusammenhacken.

The San Quentin News — which was recently honored by a chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for “accomplishing extraordinary journalism under extraordinary circumstances” — is hardly a typical newspaper.

Founded in 1940 and then revived as a serious journalistic enterprise six years ago, the monthly News, which bills itself as “The Pulse of San Quentin,” is the state’s only inmate-produced newspaper and one of the few in the world. The paper’s 15 staff members, all of them male felons, write from the unusual perspective of having served an estimated 297 ½ years collectively for burglary, murder, home invasion, conspiracy and, in one case, a Ponzi scheme.

Inmates’ Newspaper Covers a World Behind San Quentin’s Walls