Buzzfeed is a Subversion-Machine of Capitalism lol

Ich wusste schon lange, dass Buzzfeed-Gründer Jonah Peretti marxistische Theorien aufstellte und Arbeiten über die Subversion des Kapitalismus geschrieben hatte und seitdem frage ich mich, ob der ganze Buzzfeed-Clickbait nicht selbst eine Subversion des ganzen Online-Mediendings darstellt. Auf Nachfrage antwortet er jedenfalls: „lol“.

"To promote consumer capitalism the images must have some content to create the possibility for a mirror stage identification," he writes. "It is this identification ­­with a model, athlete, or actor­­ that encourages the purchase of the product being pitched. In order for an advertisement in GQ to be successful, it must provoke an ego formation that makes the product integral to the viewer's identity." So a smart capitalist would provide ways for people to get personally invested in the lives of, say, Jennifer Lawrence, by showing how relatable she is, and how she plugs into readers' identities (or at least the identities they're juggling at the given moment).

Capitalism, Peretti concluded, needs to be constantly producing identities for peoples if the system is to survive. And ten years later, he built a factory to fill that precise need.

Buzzfeed's founder used to write Marxist theory and it explains Buzzfeed perfectly