Bees swarm on Victoria Street Shop in London

In London mussten sie Teile der Victoria Street absperren, weil sich eine Bienenkolonie eine Fashionbude als genau den richtigen Ort für die nächste Bienenkolonie ausgesucht hatte und die Viecher das Modepüppchenschaufenster vollgemacht hatten.

A 5,000-strong swarm of honeybees has caused a buzz by nesting on a shop front in the middle of central London. The bees descended on a discount sign on the window of Topshop on Victoria Street, turning the fashion store display into a wall of insects. It is understood the unusual nesting place was picked by the queen bee, who landed there first and was quickly followed by her devoted colony. […]

Tony Mann, a project manager at nearby John Lewis and a trained beekeeper, dashed over to the shop to lead efforts to smoke the European honeybee colony out. Mann, wearing a white beekeeping suit and netted hat, said: "We have either had a virgin queen or an old queen. She has left the nest, and she has brought the swarm and settled on the shop front." […]

The colony was later safely moved across the road to the roof of Westminster cathedral, where it will be looked after by beekeepers.

Guardian: Swarm of honeybees descends on central London Topshop (Bild: @Elsa_Rose)

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